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Fujitsu provides complete solutions in the information and communication technology industry. Fujitsu's expanded business includes the development, production, and operation of advanced, high-performance technologies that enable high-quality services. In addition to providing a broad range of services, our expanded business includes the development, manufacture, the latest sale and maintenance, and high-quality products and electronic devices. Risklane has partnered up with Fujitsu since 2015, introducing and expanding the company's reporting of risk management. Fujitsu offers the undisputed best risk management in Europe in its category.


Traditionally, managed services rely on effective and efficient management of services at the lowest risks. Fujitsu management was in need for an integrated approach focused on an organization-wide, consistent risk management methodology. This required an improvement of the procedures, work methodology, and leadership engagement.


Recognizing the increasing demand for transparency in risk management and internal control, Fujitsu decided to partner up with Risklane to bring this opportunity to the Netherlands. In 2015, Risklane launched the Fujitsu Risk Management framework in accordance with ISAE 3402. Risklane designed, developed and continued to support Fujitsu's risk management framework and prepared generic and customer-specific SOC reports.


Using the ISAE 3402 report, Fujitsu became the #1 management service provider in the Netherlands with a recommendation score of 95%. Fujitsu's risk management strategy and its transparency were a key driver of the company's impressive business success.